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Upskirt time.

She make me almost forgot where i was going that day,i saw her upskirt in train,then i drop where she drop to capture more of her upskirt dress.lol


"no sólo burritos tacos ¡no!" taco c

:d lol. i got bored.. and i saw this song.. and it took meh a bit to do it.. [my thing kep freezing] but i have done it. enjoy -dances- x3


Gatito vs conejito

Was looking out of the window today when i saw this cat ready to kill this rabbit, thought lol this would be punny so filmed it. it does get it and i put in some slow mos of it getting it. also the...


Tipo de cosita . / 2 digimon frontier parodia

I made a 2nd one! yay! ^^ lol, well i saw a lot of people liked my first little digimon frontier parody, so i made a second on for yall. enjoy!


Spicemaster 2.5

... was soooo excited when i saw someone found a download link ... trying to find a download lol xd downloads 32-bit download ...


Castle and beckett hazy #castle

Well this sorta happened really quick lol. i saw a video and instantly fell in love with this song! also wanted to make something for my b-day :) #castle


This is the most funny michael jackson video i ever seen and heard

So this is michael jacksons grunt noises mixed with bathroom sounds aka fart sounds lmfao! this had me dying of laughter as you saw and making me have dirty thoughts of michael in the bathroom oo on the toilet ... lol


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